Web Checkouts

When it comes to e-commerce, payment experience is one of the key factors to sales conversions. The merchants selling products on the web through the web or mobile sites need to have a seamless and error-free payment experience.

Citrus has two different Checkout products tailormade made exactly for these requirements.

There are mainly two products based on where the payment page that appears on the merchant website is hosted:-

  • Citrus Hosted Checkout(ICP and Redirection based Payment Page)
  • Merchant Hosted Checkout (.js)

When should merchant use our Citrus Hosted Checkout?

Merchants who do not want to get into the hassles of user payment experience can go for our Citrus Hosted Checkout Solution. In this solution, the user is redirected to the feature packed payment page hosted on the Citrus Servers where the actual payment is done. This page includes CC/DC, Netbanking, Citrus Wallet and other features.

Additional features such as EMI, Dynamic Pricing are also preloaded on this payment page. No need of designing payment forms from scratch. Just handle the order part and Citrus will take care of the payment experience.

Click here to test the Redirection based payment experience

Click here to test the In context payment experience


Who should merchant use our Merchant Hosted Checkout(.js)?

Those merchants who want to build their own payment experience to their customers can integrate our Citrus.js solution. This solution includes Javascript libraries which are loaded with all the features and options such as CC/DC, Netbanking, Citrus Wallet etc.

Click here for a demo